The Mento Reserve

A diversified portfolio of cryptoassets supporting the ability of the Mento protocol to expand and contract the supply of Mento stable assets, in-line with user demand.

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Ratios of the value of the reserve in USD (for total and for unfrozen) to the value of all outstanding stable assets (cUSD, cEUR, as well as other future stabilized tokens supported by the reserve)

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Reserve Target Allocation

The reserve targets the following allocation (based on protocol governance) over time. The CELO amount allocated to the reserve may be diversified into other non-CELO crypto assets, the market fluctuates constantly and the reserve rebalances systematically, so the actual holdings will be off-target initially. Reserve trades are generally done on exchanges (following best execution principles), with some of the initial diversification trades being done OTC, with multi-year lock-ups on CELO sold. Reserve rebalancings are happening biweekly, targeted in every odd calendar week. A primary upside of using crypto assets in the Reserve is that all user transactions with the Reserve can happen on-chain, in a decentralized and fully-auditable way.


The Mento Protocol

The Mento protocol provides a platform upon which the community can create stabilized value digital assets. These digital assets aim to track the value of an existing real-world asset (for example, the first one, cUSD, is designed to track the US Dollar).

The Stability Mechanism

Mento allows for multiple stable-value assets where each asset tracks a measurable value, such as the Dollar, Euro, basket of goods in Greece, the price of a barrel of oil, and more. The protocol is designed to maintain a stable value for each of these assets by adjusting its supply to match demand. The reserve is a mechanism by which the protocol can contract supply.

Stable-value Assets <=> CELO & additional cryptoassets

Mento Stability Whitepaper

Reserve Eligible Assets

Reserve asset selection is done through governance by the community. At the moment, any new reserve assets under consideration should be freely traded and settled 24/7 on liquid markets, and should be based on an open-source protocol.


CELO is held in the Reserve smart contract. The Mento Reserve ensures that non-CELO reserve assets are held safely through the use of approved, qualified and licensed custodians in a country that is not blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force or subject to sanctions prohibitions. Custodians are required to make publicly available the assets they hold on behalf of the Mento Reserve to ensure that stakeholders and the broader community have full transparency with respect to reserve assets.

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